A New Game At The Montrond-Les-Bains Casino

To attract more customers, French casinos are in constant search of novelties from elsewhere. Today we will be talking about the Montrond-les-Bains casino.

Coming straight from the land of games, Macau, the casino has acquired a new machine. It is the first of its kind in France and the casino managers are very proud of it and hope to increase its revenues thanks to this new very innovative machine.

The arrival of this machine was made quite recently, during this month of July 2015. It is the wheel of luck in electronic version. The Joa casino in Montrond-les-Bains is the first to have it as a casino. As it was pointed out above, it is about a machine which comes from one of the great gaming capitals of the world: Macau. It is a tactile and interactive version. The communications and marketing manager, Nathaly Dufour, was the one appointed to give further explanations on its operation.

It should be noted that in terms of offers the law is quite strict and the choices are limited. But for some time, an easing has been noted thus benefiting the operators of casinos. It is therefore now possible to expand the games offerings, but on condition that they always remain within the framework of the legislation. But beware, the law only allows the insertion of traditional games, but in a new version.

This new machine will thus mark the passage to another dimension, other than the simple roulette games of yesteryear, slot machines and other machines of the genre. The manager also emphasizes that the casino has done a lot of work to achieve this result and considerable efforts have been made. The objective is quite simple: that of increasing the number of visitors to the casino and launching a new generation of machines in France. During the few days of testing, the feedback on this new electronic roulette seems to show a good result.

It should be noted that this new wheel of luck is a very accessible machine and is aimed at a very large clientele. The casino always aims to bring satisfaction to its customers while attracting the attention of those who have not yet tried the Montrond-Les-Bains casino. For the moment this machine is unique in France.

American Gaming Association Reacts To A Proposal That Is Not Unanimous

Some members of the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) intend to lower the amount of winnings subject to taxation in American hard-core casinos to $ 600. The American Gaming Association (AGA) is far from agreeing with this IRS proposal.

According to the AGM, such an initiative has a strong risk of altering the players’ gaming experience. Moreover, this limit on the amount won, if adopted, will waste time and money for winning players as well as for land-based casinos. This project is currently the subject of a petition, an initiative taken by the association.

IRS (Internal Revenue Service) Wants To Lower Taxable Amount To $ 600

The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) is considering the possibility of lowering the limit on the amount won by US players that is subject to tax. Currently, a tax is levied when a player wins $ 1,200 or more at US land-based casinos. To be more precise, if a player wins $ 1,200 or more on a slot machine, the slot machine is blocked until they fill out an IRS form in the presence of a manager and receive their jackpot. If that player is a US citizen, a tax of approximately 30% will be levied on the amount he won. The procedure wastes time and money for the player and the casino. For information, if the winner is a French player, the entire amount will be returned to him, but not immediately. Indeed,

The IRS wants to increase that amount from $ 1,200 to $ 600. The American Gaming Association (AGA), against this project, says that such an initiative has only drawbacks.

In order to prevent this IRS project from happening, the AGM has launched a petition. So far, this petition has collected no less than 10,000 signatures. Indeed, the AGM underlines that raising to 600 dollars the sum of the profits subject to a levy of tax can only be harmful to the American land-based casinos. Winning mini-jackpots ($ 600 or more) is common in American hard-core casinos. If this proposal is adopted, slot machines will crash far too often. Casinos therefore risk losing money without forgetting that the procedure for the payment of winnings is long and tedious because of the form to be completed and the tax to be levied.

This initiative can also discourage players who, with each gain of more than 600 euros, will not only have to wait, but also agree to lose part of the amount won. It goes without saying therefore that the gaming experience of the players can be altered. The AGA wants to bury this project thanks to the petition it has launched. The association has many arguments against this proposal, the most important being the waste of time and money for the players as well as for the American land-based casinos.