Hawaii Dinner Cruises – Romantic Sunset Sailing

Hawaiian dinner cruises los angeles are offered on a wide variety of sailing ships, from modern multi-deck cruisers and large motorised catamarans to more intimate sailing boats and sailing catamarans. Some of them offer a view of the ocean floor, coral reefs, colorful tropical fish and other underwater creatures through the glass bottom – equally spectacular during the day and illuminated at night. Each ship offers its own unique perspective to meet the needs of any kind of marine observer.

A Hawaiian lunch cruise usually lasts between 2 and 4 hours, with check-in at the port planned slightly in advance of sailing, but all-day cruises with the possibility of diving, swimming and exploring the island beaches, ending with an evening meal and a magnificent sunset finale are also possible. Flexible timetables and convenient tour times allow you to offer multiple lunch cruises as part of a package, with other activities planned before or after departure. Be sure to check this option with your travel bookings. Some lunch cruises may have minimum age limits, while others are designed with keiki (children) in mind, including special rates per child.


If your program includes a unique wedding experience, a Hawaiian dinner cruise can be the perfect setting for an intimate and romantic wedding at sea and a perfect introduction to the Hawaiian honeymoon of life. The ceremony on board, dinner, sensational sunset and full sea experience will be remembered forever by everyone involved – whether you decide to restrict participants to the bride or include a complete wedding reception, family and guests. Make sure to contact your cruise operator about this option – most will do their best to welcome you.

Special anniversary celebrations are also encouraged and provide an unparalleled romantic background for sentimental memories of the past and the opportunity to create new ones for the future. Of course, a sunset cruise after sunset is a romantic mood for everyone – no special event is required.


Most Hawaiian lunch cruises require an informal outfit, although if you’ve booked a cruise on a large cruise with excellent dining and dancing, you’ll want to dress up properly. No matter which type of cruise is chosen, remember that the evening hours can become quite cool quickly, so a lightweight foil or jacket is always a good idea. Smaller vessels may also be exposed to water mist or water mist in the air if the weather conditions are right. You may also be required to remove shoes when boarding and it is good to wear shoes that have a good grip on the pier and deck when boarding and alighting.


The spectacular Hawaiian landscape of the coast is always welcome when lunch cruises leave the harbor and enter the calm ocean away from the hustle and bustle on land. You enter a different world. Relax with your dinner companion to enjoy a varied selection of menus, depending on the type of Hawaiian dinner cruise you choose. The menu includes a wide range of dishes, from rich experience with exquisite food and excellent wine to a full Polynesian lubrication or a very casual cruise on the Mai Tai Cruise with a snack served as a buffet, accompanied by delicious tropical Mai Tai drinks prepared by the crew. Dance and entertainment can also be offered on board during the cruise, although the ocean, sky and coastal scenery are always the main attractions of any Hawaiian cruise.

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