DIY Under the Sea Halloween Costumes For Kids

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What is Halloween?

Halloween is a traditional American holiday celebrated on 31 October. On this day, both young people and adults are busy preparing for their Halloween activities. Children are busy visiting every house and tricking and treating and collecting sweets, candies and money, while adults are busy attending various Halloween events.

Halloween History

According to history, it is a long tradition of Celtic culture to communicate with the dead and the living. They believed that the dead have the power to inflict disease on people and ruin crops. Celts organize festivals in costumes to calm the spirits.

Over time, the festival has evolved and every year different cultures from different countries have celebrated this event with fun, mystery, peace and excitement. It becomes an ideal time to have fun with friends, relatives and family.

In addition to school classes, theatre performances and school programmes, Halloween is the ideal place where everyone can unleash their creativity, throw their brakes and get creative. In addition to troubles and treatment, visiting home to collect candies, chocolates, sweets and money, children love this event because they can wear fantastic costumes to choose from.

There are many costumes to choose from, just choose which one best suits your child. If you are looking for a sea costume, you can consider creating your own, renting from a costume rental or buying from department stores. If you want to make and sew your own outfit, you can draw inspiration from a magazine and the Internet.

Under the sea is one of several topics Halloween is suitable for a water theme party. If you want to choose what outfit to wear, you can choose between creatures from the sea, the sea itself or someone who likes the sea. It can be made with accessories and old clothes.

Different types of costumes for do-it-yourselfers:

Fish – Create your own fish outfit using a sweatshirt in uniform color and fabric paint. Paint a fish with scales on the sweatshirt.
Seaweed – Use a few shades of green fabric and cut them into stripes. Put these stripes on a T-shirt to make seaweed.
Coral Reef – Paint a few large pieces of polystyrene in different tropical colours and let them dry outdoors. When dry, attach them to the blue sweatsuit with Velcro or glue. When your baby has put it on his or her cheeks, paint a tropical fish on his or her cheeks to complement the corals.
Starfish – To do this, you need a hoodie and sweat pants. Paint your sweatshirt and sweat pants to make them look like a fish star. When attending a party, make sure your child’s legs are wide and your hands are over your head.
Mermaid – You can put on your baby’s bikini shells and use a flexible, shiny fabric around the legs. Make sure the fabric is in shades of green, purple or turquoise. You can cut a slit between them or add fins at the bottom with fabric or foam to play with.

People – Your child can go to a party dressed in a diving suit or jacket.
Ships – Using a ship-shaped box, cut a hole in the top so that your head fits in a diver’s suit or a sailor’s suit. Paint the box to look like a Titanic and use Styrofoam to act as an iceberg.
Octopus – To make an octopus, use feather boots or fabric straps attached to your baby’s waist like a strap. Hang them down and add extras. On the head of the octopus, cut out a large shape of a foam or cardboard bubble and paint it with purple or light green shades of paint. Cut out the foam wheels and paint them with a little pink or violet. Attach the body of the octopus to the neck with a yarn or ribbon.


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